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LuckyThreeRanch.com is the online home for Meredith Hodges and her champion mules and donkeys, with invaluable resources for trainers and caretakers of all kinds of equines—be they horse, donkey, mule or other equine hybrid.

Meredith's Story

From her beginning as a horse-crazy girl growing up in Northern California, find out how Meredith Hodges found her calling and revolutionized training for mules and donkeys and built Lucky Three Ranch.

History of LTR

What's New: 35 Years of Lucky Three

Meredith Hodges reflects on the past 35 years of Lucky Three Ranch, and her work with mules, horses and donkeys.

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Equine Welfare in the News

As the slaughter issues for America's Wild (and domestic) horses continue to grow at an alarming rate, we at Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang, are doing what we do best, helping save foals orphaned in the process.

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Featured Product

Learn the unique way to approach training your donkey, whether foal or senior, with Donkey Training! Now 35% off to celebrate our 35th anniversary.

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New Training Tip: Bending Through the Rib Cage

A supple equine is a pliable, self-confident and healthy equine!

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Ask Meredith

Have a question about your equine's behavior, training, diet, tack or more? Check out our full Ask Meredith archives for answers to reader questions—or ask your own!

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Equine Events

Looking to get involved in the equine community in your area by attending an equine-related event? Check out our regional event calendar!

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Whether you are trying to find training that is safe, humane and successful, or just looking to explore the world of equines—you’ve found the right place. Need some information before purchasing a mule or donkey? You’ll find lots of information to help you be a smart buyer. Get all the latest news and information on equine career opportunities, training, breeding, showing, recreation and much more. Visit our Training Section for short training tips or rent full length training shows. We even have a children’s site that lets kids of all ages play while learning about equines.

This website is a place where the entire equine community can come together; to share and learn from each other…and have a lot of fun in the process!

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Meredith Hodges



Meredith Hodges is a judge, Animal Inspector and Representative of the American Donkey & Mule Society.