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    The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:

    * Pictured above – 14 Alpacas saved by Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, Equine Rescue & MORE


    18 MORE wild mustang lives on the line – do we save them, or walk away?? We want to save them, but WE NEED YOUR HELP ASAP! We only have a couple of days.

    So many times folks ask us “Why didn’t you save the mares?”. “Why did they go to slaughter?”

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  • When it comes to your mares, trust Regu-Mate


    The following is from the American Horse Council:



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  • Senate Appropriations Committee Hearing


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    WHAT’S HAPPENING: Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is scheduled to testify before the Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee this Wednesday, June 21. He will defend his Fiscal Year 2018 budget, which asks Congress to lift the ban on destroying healthy wild horses and burros and selling these cherished animals for slaughter.

    WHY YOU SHOULD ACT: The Senators on this subcommittee play a key role in determining whether as many as 92,000 wild horses and burros will be slaughtered and their wild populations reduced to near-extinction levels.

    WHAT TO SAY:  Call your Senator, or subcommittee leadership, if your Senator is not included on the list below. Suggested message: “My name is _____ calling from _____.  Please ask Senator  _____  to strongly oppose the BLM’s budget request to lift the ban on killing healthy horses and burros and selling these animals ‘without restriction,’ which would lead to the brutal slaughter of thousands. Please require the BLM to use humane birth control, as recommended by the National Academy of Sciences, not killing to manage our wild horses and burros.” 


    ALASKA RESIDENTS: Call Senator Lisa Murkowski, 202-224-6665. Follow up with a personal message: CLICK HERE

    CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: Call Senator Dianne Feinstein, 202-224-3841. If this is busy call her office in San Francisco (415-393-0707) or Los Angeles (310-914-7300). Follow up by sending a personal message: CLICK HERE.

    MARYLAND RESIDENTS: Call Senator Chris Van Hollen, 202-224-4654. Follow up by sending a personal message: CLICK HERE.

    MONTANA RESIDENTS: Call Senator Jon Tester, 202-224-2644. Follow up by sending a personal message: CLICK HERE.

    NEW MEXICO RESIDENTS: Call Senator Tom Udall, 202-224-6621. Follow up by sending a personal message: CLICK HERE.

    OREGON RESIDENTS: Call Senator Jeff Merkley, 202-224-3753. Follow up by sending a personal message: CLICK HERE (Choose “share your opinion on bills or other issues”)

    RHODE ISLAND RESIDENTS: Call Senator Jack Reed, 202-224-4642. Follow up by sending a personal message: CLICK HERE.

    VERMONT RESIDENTS: Call Senator Patrick Leahy, 202-224-4242. Follow up by sending a personal message: CLICK HERE.

    RESIDENTS OF ALL OTHER STATES: Call Subcommittee Chair Lisa Murkowski, 202-224-6665 and Ranking Member Tom Udall: 202-224-6621. Even though you are not a constituent, let them know that you are calling because our public lands and our wild horses and burros belong to all Americans, and all Americans should have a say in how they are managed

    Remember: Please be polite and respectful in order to be the most effective voice possible for our wild horses and burros! Thank you!!

    – The AWHC Team


  • 9 Beautiful Souls safe & in the Trailer!


    The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:

    Quick update. – As usual, the information we received when we get a call usually changes by the time we actually pick up. This time was no different. We were able to save Double-J n Trailer, thanks to the awesome folks at the actual DOUBLE-J TRAILERS in Woodland WA.

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  • Have You Called Congress Yet?


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    Your Representatives in DC Will Decide Whether Thousands Will be Slaughtered

    Tens of thousands of innocent, federally protected wild horses and burros are in danger of being killed or sold for slaughter if Congress approves the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) 2018 budget request. The BLM is asking Congress to lift the ban on destroying healthy mustangs and burros and selling those in holding facilities for slaughter. If Congress approves this request, the mass killing of the 46,000 wild horses and burros in holding facilities and the 46,000 “excess” animals on the range would begin.

    We can stop this, but only if your elected representatives in Washington, DC hear from you! Our wild horses and burros don’t have a voice, so we must speak up on their behalf to save them from a horrific fate… It only takes a minute – please take action below – today!


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  • To Honor a Life Lost, – Let’s Save these now! Immediate help needed!


    The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:

    It is with extreme sorrow I share the news that June 1, Colt slipped quietly away with his head in my lap. The vet had been to see him just that afternoon, and was extremely pleased with the way his wounds were healing and his progress in general. We knew he was weak, but was eating, drinking, pooping and peeing. Unfortunately, the trauma was too much and about an hour before he passed he let me know he was done. So we sat quietly together until he slipped away. As the tears streamed down I reminded him of how many folks loved him and had prayed for him.

    So I am hoping that we can honor his memory by saving the mare and foal that are waiting for us to pick them up, as well as the ones who are being rounded up this weekend.

    We received the call this morning while we were on the way to get the Rolling Foal Hospital repaired. The -40 degree weather really caused a lot of damage, in spite of our efforts to weatherproof it.

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  • Roll out of bed knowing you’re helping mustangs


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Thanksgiving Coffee Company and the launch of Wild Grounds – a coffee for a cause (featuring the beautiful imagery of Kimerlee Curyl) that benefits the American Wild Horse Campaign, and our work to keep wild horses wild!

    Not only can you feel good knowing that your morning coffee will be helping wild horses, but you are also supporting a fantastic company and a quality product. Thanksgiving Coffee is 2017’s Roaster of the Years from Roast Magazine. All the coffee is certified fair-trade from the farming co-ops they have known for years. It’s all organic and shade-grown, which is vital for preserving precious jungle forest and providing bird habitat. And, they are a B corporation, which certifies their commitment to environmental and social justice.

    So what are you waiting for? Make helping wild horses the very first thing you do every day!

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  • MULE CROSSING: Looking Objectively at Your Equine


    By Meredith Hodges

    Before most of us learn anything about horses, mules and donkeys, we tend to initially perceive them as large, strong and durable animals that can safely carry us anywhere we want to go and can participate in any number of equine events. This is essentially true. However, there can be a number of pitfalls along the way if you do not educate yourself and practice good maintenance, feeding and training practices.

    Equines, like people, are comprised of living tissue, bones, muscles and tendons that can often experience improper growth and development, which can compromise their performance. This is why it is important to feed your equine’s living tissue, bones, muscles and tendons a healthy diet and exercise him in a way that builds these elements using natural and non-stressful techniques that will help your equine to strengthen properly in the right frame, or posture.

    It is also important to make sure the tack you use fits well and is adjusted properly. An equine that is experiencing soreness from ill-fitting tack will be distracted from his best performance. Improve your own skills by taking care of your own body as you observe and condition your equine. The person who eats healthy food, exercises in good posture and improves his or her own general conditioning, coordination and Horsemanship skills will not be out of balance and will not compromise the equine’s ability to perform.

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  • Goodbye, Angus, we miss you already!


    The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:

    Fortunately, at AAE, we have more happy days than sad.  Yesterday was one of the really sad days. We said good morning and goodbye to Angus for the last time.  Angus was a big, enormously handsome, genuinely kind, 21-ish Shire gelding.  He introduced our volunteers and guests to the true gentleness of these giant horses.  He also introduced us to true horsey farts and horsesy slobber!  There was no mistaking an Angus toot (it was as big as he)!

    Angus came to us in early 2016 with a lot of needs, but a lot of life to live and love to give.  He was battling chronic uveitis in both eyes, he had chronic progressive lymphedema (CPL), and a big arthritic knee.  One eye was beyond treatment, and it was removed to prevent ongoing pain and further injury; thankfully, his remaining eye responded well to treatment. We treated his CPL, and it was managed with regular care.  His knee responded well to antibiotics and a little rest.  Who knew he had a bad knee?  He wasn’t quite as good as new, but he was much, much improved.  With lots of love and TLC, Angus was feeling good and loving life, and he was adored by all of our volunteers, but mostly by his bestest friends, Kasey and Linda.  Kasey was his eyes in darkness, and showed him the way.  The two were buds in the truest sense of the word.  Linda took special care to make sure Angus was a big, happy guy with all of his needs met, and he showered her with love…. and slobber.  They shared a special bond that only the luckiest of people and horses get to experience.

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