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  • Senate to decide the fate of wild horses


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee will mark up the Interior Department budget as early as next week. As part of this process, they will decide whether wild horses keep or lose their protections from mass killing and slaughter. It the vote goes the wrong way, as many 92,000 of these cherished and innocent animals could be killed.

    We need you to call your Senators right now and kindly ask them to tell the Appropriations Committee to ensure that 2018 Interior Department spending legislation INCLUDES prohibitions on the destruction of healthy wild horses and their sale for slaughter.

    The bill reported out of Committee will form the basis for negotiations on final budget adopted in December. So, even though the budget is unlikely to be confirmed until December, next week’s debate could very well be the deciding factor in whether America’s wild horses roam free or are destroyed.

    So please keep the pressure on your Senators!

    Thank you for fighting for what’s right,

    Suzanne Roy

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  • Tell House Lawmakers to Push Bi-Partisan PAST Act




    The following is from the American Horse Council:

    Since Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) re-introduced the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act of 2017 (H.R. 1847) in the spring, more than 250 Democrat and Republican lawmakers – or nearly 60 percent of the entire House of Representatives – have signed on to co-sponsor this important legislation.  Thanks to your continued advocacy, your representative has heard your voice and agreed to co-sponsor the PAST Act.  As Congress convenes for the fall session, please be sure to take advantage of the momentum you have created by contacting your House lawmaker to thank him for his support, and encourage final passage of H.R. 1847.   

    As you know, H.R. 1847 will strengthen the Horse Protection Act and finally end the soring of Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, and Racking Horses. The American Horse Council, along with most major national horse show organizations and state and local organizations, supports the PAST Act. To send a letter to your House lawmaker urging final passage of the bill, please click below.

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  • This goes live tomorrow


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    The U.S. Senate appropriations committee is voting as early as next week on whether to continue protections for wild horses. The final vote could be used in December’s budget package and lead to the mass slaughter of America’s wild horses.

    This is no time to rest. Tomorrow we’re launching a new billboard right outside the airport in Las Vegas. Nevada voters, political leaders and tourists will see our message loud and clear: #NoHorseSlaughter. Since Nevada has over half the nation’s wild horses living within its borders, it’s important to know where its Senators stand.

    Can you donate right now to help us keep this billboard up in Vegas?

    This comes on the heels of our petition drop last week — when we delivered more than 300,000 petition signatures to Sen. Heller’s Las Vegas office. We were there with nine boxes of signatures, and the local media was there to report on our movement in action.

    Please donate right now to help us keep our billboard up, and to expand our campaign to other key targets.

    Tomorrow, we’re also launching a billboard in Phoenix. But with votes expected as early as next week, we’re hoping to expand our advertising and grassroots pressure.Please donate now, and we’ll be in touch with you in the next 48 hours with other ways you can help during this critical stretch.

    For the horses,

    Suzanne Roy


  • Update


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    Last week, President Trump reached a deal with Congress to provide a short-term, 3-month budget extension.

    Good or bad news for horses? The answer is neither. The final votes to allow or stop slaughter are now delayed until early-December.

    This delay does NOT mean we can let up between now and then. The Administration is still pushing for a policy of mass slaughter of America’s wild horses. The appropriations debates in Congress are ongoing. Given the House bill’s inclusion of horse slaughter language, it is absolutely critical that the Senate produce a bill that protects horses from mass killing and slaughter.  Then we’ll have a fighting chance of prevailing when the House and Senate negotiate final spending legislation.

    The Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee could vote on the Interior spending bill as early as next week. So NOW is the time to contact your Senators to weigh in to protect wild horses and burros!

    Tell them to OPPOSE any 2018 spending legislation that would allow for the killing or sale for slaughter of healthy wild horses and burros. 

    Then click here to follow up your call with an email your U.S. Senators.

    Let’s keep up the pressure. Our petition has more than 300,000 signatures, and today we’re delivering it to Senator Dean Heller’s office in Las Vegas. We’re placing stories in publications across the country, and our team is in Washington D.C. meeting with legislators. You can support us right now by following up your call with an email to your Senators.

    Keep it up!

    -Suzanne Roy

    P.S. We’re now also facing the reality of a longer campaign. Our hope is to sustain the same size and intensity of our campaign through the December votes. Your donations are needed to help us do it. Please contribute now.

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    The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:

    Well they just keep coming. I received an urgent call last night about 5 foals ready to ship up in Washington State. I spoke with the gentlemen this morning and he will be calling in the next few days to arrange a time for us to pick them up. (Providing we can raise the funds necessary to keep saving these lives.) We are also on standby from our other folks in WA as well.

    The larger number of babies, which at this point is 30 – 60 weanlings, will need to be picked up in CA, by September 17 or around that time. As usual in our world, there are no “for sures” with the exception of the fact that there will be a very large number of babies to save. We won’t know how many or how much help there will be. These babies lives will be at stake so we are hoping that y’all are on board to save them. At this time, we are really strapped from the last batch of 49 Yakama kids and the orphans from NV.The gelding of the stallions was not quite covered and the total bill was around $3300+. This included Nya’s vet visit and her blood draw.Unfortunately the wilder ones generate so much adrenaline that they require larger amounts of medication, and that medication is extremely expensive.

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  • a blow


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    Last night, the House Rules Committee defied the overwhelming will of the American people and voted to block an amendment to stop the slaughter of America’s wild horses.

    It’s a setback but far from a done deal.

    Will you contact your Senators now and tell them: #NoHorseSlaughter — protect America’s wild horses?

    Our team is tracking every possible legislative path forward. In short — it’s complicated. We could block this in the U.S. Senate, or the entire appropriations process could be abandoned for what’s called a “continuing resolution.” Trust that we’ll be tracking every possibility, and activating our movement to pressure Congress to the right targets and at the right moments.

    Right now, we need your help to contact your U.S. Senators. Please click here to call and email them now.

    The House Rules Committee sided with the BLM and the special interests, defying sound science and the will of 80% of Americans who oppose the slaughter of America’s wild horses. But we do want to thank our champions who stood with us in the fight, including Rep. Dina Titus for her leadership in offering this amendment, Reps. Peter King and Carlos Curbelo for adding bipartisan support, Rep. Michalle Lujan Grisham for her steadfast opposition to horse slaughter, and Rep. Jared Polis who persisted as our opponents tried to bury the vote.

    While this setback stings, our broader efforts are gaining momentum. We’re meeting with swing legislators on the Hill, getting more and more press attention, and launching ad and advocacy campaigns in swing states. We can win this.

    Thanks for everything,

    – Suzanne Roy

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  • AHC News-Summer 2017




    The following is from the American Horse Council:

    Congress Must Address Federal Funding Before Moving to Major Agenda Items

    As Congress returns from their August recess, they will immediately consider a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the federal government beyond September 30, which marks the end of the current fiscal year

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  • American Horse Council Makes Changes to Governance Structure




    The following is from the American Horse Council:

    American Horse Council Makes Changes to Governance Structure

    American Horse Council (AHC) President Julie Broadway and the AHC Board of Trustees are pleased to announce two governance changes to the AHC’s Board effective 2018.

    The current 15-person Board of Trustees of the AHC is made up of individuals representing organizations that hold AHC Organizational Memberships at the “Strategic” level*. These organizations include The Jockey Club, American Association of Equine Practitioners, National Thoroughbred Racing Association, US Trotting Association, US Equestrian Federation, Thoroughbred Racing Association of North America, and the American Quarter Horse Association. Starting in January 2018, the AHC Board will add two “at large” seats.

    The first “at large” seat will be filled by the current Chair of the Coalition of State Horse Councils.  The second “at large” seat will be determined by applications.

    In January the AHC President will call for applicants for the second “at large” seat from current AHC member organizations to serve a maximum two year term on the AHC Board. Only member organizations paying dues at the level designated for their size organization are eligible. Applicant’s organization must be willing to commit to the time needed to serve on the board and cover expenses necessary to attend meetings, etc.

    In March the Board will review all applicants and elect a trustee based upon:  1) the need for that sector of industry to have a voice not currently represented by sitting trustees, and 2) the individual’s background and knowledge of the equine industry.

    As part of the AHC’s strategic plan, a task force was formed to review the organization’s overall governance structure and ensure relevancy and best practices. Based upon their research it was recommended that additional voices and perspectives would be beneficial. The AHC is looking forward to these additions to the board and would like to express its appreciation to the Governance Task Force and Membership Task Force for their research and input.

    As the national organization representing the equine industry in Washington, DC, the AHC strives to be inclusive while ensuring the board is a manageable size and the trustees are strongly committed to AHC’s mission. The AHC feels these additions will serve us well as we look ahead at challenges facing the equine industry.

    To learn more about the AHC’s governance and opportunities to participate on ad hoc committees, task forces and standing committees go towww.horsecouncil.org/goverance.

    *to view the organizational membership levels available, click here
    Read on AHC Website

  • Votes tomorrow?


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    If the current Appropriations bill is passed unchanged, America’s wild horses could drop to near extinction levels. The bill, as written, would lead to the mass killing of healthy wild horses and burros in holding and on the range.It would be a tragic and unprecedented mass slaughter.

    Thankfully, a bipartisan amendment has been offered to stop this cruel policy before it begins. With a vote expected as soon as tomorrow, we need you to contact your Congressperson right now:

    When you call your Representative, tell them:

    • Vote YES on the Titus/King/Polis/Curbelo/Lujan Grisham Amendment to protect wild horses
    • Vote YES on the Buchanan/Roybal-Allard/Royce/Blumenauer Amendment to stop horse slaughter

    Votes this week may very well decide the fate of wild horses and burros in this country. If the amendment votes go against us and the appropriations bill passes, we could see horse slaughter plants opening and new mass killing of wild horses and burros beginning on the range and in holding pens. It’s unthinkable. And we have to stop it.

    Call and email your Representative right now.

    Thank you,

    -Suzanne Roy

    P.S. Your donations help us expand and sustain our campaign to protect wild horses, as we put up TV ads and billboards and intensify our advocacy and education efforts. Please donate now.


  • SYALER eNewsletter


    The following is from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue:

    Ears the news…

    It seems as though summer is in a hurry to leave. This morning was downright chilly. Fall is definitely in the air. The donkeys and mules feel it too. There has been a lot of running and bucking and farting happening in the pasture today. I have been getting calls from folks who are going to be needing to surrender their animals before winter comes. We have had a good summer for adopting out animals, with three donkeys and the adorable mini horse we have going to their new home shortly.

    We have five animals in the rescue currently, four standard donkeys and a hinny, who all need a lot more training/handling/behavioral work done with them before they will be ready to be put up for adoption. We work with them almost daily, but it’s been slow going with this group. I am confident that they will come around in time, but in the mean time they need to eat and have their feet trimmed and receive veterinary care and it’s putting a strain on our bank account.

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    The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:

    Meet “Nya”, our latest “critical” orphan. We picked her up on Tuesday in Fernley, NV. I have to say she might win the contest for “worst physical condition” since Honeybandit. She is an absolute love, but starved to the point where she could have organ damage.

    However, she is improving a teeny tiny bit every day. She did not leave the nursery or her air conditioner for the first several days, and is fighting some sort of internal issue. She has a cough and is here fighting for a chance to survive, thanks to Anne Hall and Anna Orchard, who pulled her in the nick of time.

    Her temperature was all over the place, including a fever of 103+ when she came in to a low temp of 97. But we are watching her like a hawk and what we are seeing so far is positive. She needs lots of prayers and special groceries obviously.

    We placed 9 of the 15 orphans we had, and then received an emergency call to pick up up 2 4-year old mares, prior to picking up Nya.

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  • WATCH: the horses we’d lose


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    With all the political hurdles and jargon, let’s not lose sight of what we’re protecting.

    Last week, I had the privilege of visiting the Onaqui range in Utah. Beautiful, majestic and healthy bands roaming the American countryside. Animals that roam on a tiny fraction of public lands. Animals that should be protected, not destroyed.

    Song, ‘All The Wild Horses’ by Adam Thibert. Purchase song here.

    These are the images that have driven me to make this my life’s work. And I know we cannot rest or let up.

    With less than a week until the Congressional summer recess is over, can you donate $25, $50, or $100 right now to help us gear up for what may be the decisive month for horses?

    I visited the Onaqui range a day after the Utah pro-slaughter summit “delegation” visited. It was a carefully orchestrated sham, using their “field visit” to justify the mass slaughter of America’s wild horses. Our opponents claim wild horses are starving and suffering.

    The reality: healthy horses. Look at the pictures yourself. There is no crisis on our public lands. There are healthy, wild horses thriving on the countryside. Horses that could be safely, economically, and humanely managed with fertility control.

    Our government should be protecting these animals, not plotting how to eliminate them.

    As September begins, there will be lots of talk about continuing resolutions, committee votes, and legislative markup. But let’s not forget what it all boils down to: the protection of America’s symbol of freedom.

    Thank you for being with us,

    Suzanne Roy

    P.S. Your donation will fund active programs now that pressure lawmakers, educate influencers, and expand our grassroots movement. Please donate — we NEED your support.


  • Two calls


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    It’s the last week of the summer congressional recess. And it’s looking increasingly likely that the fate of America’s wild horses and burros will come down to the actions of the United States Senate.

    That’s why NOW is the time to call both of your U.S. Senators.

    Don’t know the phone number for your Senator? Call the switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected.

    Tell them:

    “I’m [name] and a constituent of Sen. xx. I urge him/her to vote to ensure that any 2018 Interior Department spending legislation maintains the prohibitions against killing healthy wild horses and burros or selling them for slaughter. 80% of Americans oppose killing these national icons, please stand with us by protecting these national icons from mass killing and slaughter.”

    When you’re done, you can click here to follow-up with an email to both of your Senators.

    All our hard work is paying off. Last week, we exposed the sham pro-slaughter summit in Utah, we hand delivered over 300,000 petition signatures to a key swing vote in Congress, and new, bipartisan legislation was introduced to maintain the ban on killing healthy horses.

    When this summer began, things looked bleak. It appeared the White House and Congress were about to do the unthinkable — open the door to the killing of nearly 100,000 healthy horses and burros. We now have a real chance to stop this, and to protect America’s majestic icons of freedom.

    We cannot let up. Call, call, call. Email, email, email. Keep up the great work. You’re making a real difference.

    Thank you,

    Grace Kuhn

    P.S. If you are able, also please consider a donation. We’re pulling out all the stops right now and every dollar helps.


  • Blue Needs Your Help!


    The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:

    Help Blue Step Into His New Future!

    Blue is a young mustang gelding out of Nevada who came to AAE after Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund and Virginia Range Wild Horse Sanctuary asked for assistance with this handsome guy. He had a large mass over his rear fetlock/pastern area, and was unhalterable when he arrived at AAE.

    He made great progress getting ready for his initial veterinary evaluation (exam, radiographs, and biopsy) resulted in a positive outlook. The bone in his fetlock area looked good and a biopsy confirmed the growth to be granulation tissue (proud flesh). However, due to the size of the mass, healing was expected to take considerable time.

    We started working on gentling and desensitizing Blue to get him comfortable with his legs being handled for post-surgical care (treatment and bandaging). However, he experienced a set back with what we initially thought was a reaction to something (e.g. fly spray, a weed, a bite, or some other toxin) and required additional diagnostics, treatment and healing before we could move forward with surgery.

    Blue made great strides with accepting humans and allowing his leg to be handled. Understandably, he was very sensitive with anything near the “blob”.  His surgery was successfully completed on Wednesday, August 23. Due to the size, nature, and location of the surgery, he will need long term bandaging and care for best healing results. We are anticipating needing lots of bandaging materials, post-op care, and likely the use of sedation in early visits to ensure safe handling.



  • Your hard work is paying off


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    Earlier this week, we delivered 300,000 petition signatures against the killing of wild horses and burros to Rep. Amodei’s office in Nevada. And the news media joined us. Watch what that many signatures looks like walking into a Congressional office!

    Last week, we traveled to Utah to document the first roundup of wild horses this season. Contrary to the claim perpetuated by the BLM, politicians and ranchers that mustangs are starving on the range, our video shows healthy wild horses being captured and it has reached over 1 million people. 

    That’s just the beginning. Thanks to you, we blanketed Salt Lake City with ads,activated grassroots supporters in Utah, and held a press conference. The headlines exposed the sham wild horse summit:

    Critics maintain Utah mustang meeting a secretive ‘slaughter summit’

    Utah State University hosts wild horse summit, but excludes key advocates and the public

    State & Federal managers discuss fate of wild horses, with media and advocates locked out

    And yesterday, a bipartisan amendment was introduced in the House Representatives by Representatives Dina Titus (D-NV), Peter King (R-NY) and Jared Polis (D-CO) to reverse the deadly Stewart Amendment and restore the prohibition on killing healthy, federally-protected wild horses and burros. 

    Our goal this summer has been to keep the pressure on, expose our opponents’ real agenda, and set the table for September, which we expect will be the deciding month for our movement and for the future of wild horses and burros in this country.

    We’re off to a strong start. But we need you to keep up the pressure. So keep emailingcalling, donating, and sharing. We will win this fight!

    Thank you,

    Grace Kuhn


  • Before the summer ends


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    Thank you for being a part of our #NoRecessForHorses Summer of Action. Our goal has been to keep the pressure every day on legislators while they’re back home to make it clear: the American people will not stand for the mass slaughter of America’s wild horses. Our own polling shows 80% of Americans are with us.

    Have you spoken to your Representative yet? If not, its not too late to be heard. Here’s what you can do:

    1) Find out if your member is holding a town hall: https://townhallproject.com/

    If they are, please attend and ask them if they are committed to stoping any attempts towards the slaughter, euthanasia, or destruction of healthy wild horses. If they answer, make sure to let us know: contact@americanwildhorsecampaign.org.

    2) No town hall? Call your member’s district (not Washington D.C.) office and ask them if you can schedule a meeting with your congressperson or legislative aide. You can find the number for your congressperson here. And you can look up talking points here.

    3) In addition to meeting in-person, make sure to keep calling and emailing.You can use our tool here to get in touch now.

    If you don’t know where your member stands on this issue, now’s the time to find out. And if they’re supporting slaughter, now is the time to change their mind! Votes are expected in September that may decide the fate of American wild horses. So keep up the pressure! #NoHorseSlaughter #NoRecessForHorses!

    Thank you!

    -Grace Kuhn


  • Call for Topics for AHC’s Webinar!




    The following is from the American Horse Council:

    What Topics Would You Like to Hear?

    The AHC wants your opinion!

    What should our next webinar topic be? Is there anyone in particular you would like to hear speak?

    Please let us know by taking the short survey below! We would like all responses no later than September 15th.

    If you have any questions, please contact the AHC at info@horsecouncil.org.

    Take the Survey


  • Welcome to the slaughter summit


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    They have arrived. Today, the “wild horse summit” kicks off in Salt Lake City, bringing together pro-slaughter “wildlife managers” and livestock special interests to lay the roadmap for the killing of America’s healthy wild horses. They’re banking on the pro-slaughter federal legislation passing.

    As you can imagine, we were not invited. But we’re heading to Salt Lake City anyways. Thanks to your help, our billboard is up, our digital ads are running, and we’re planning a press conference and grassroots mobilization.

    You can join our efforts now by sharing this graphic on Facebook:

    This week’s summit is a pro-slaughter sham. People with actual experience implementing humane management solutions are being deliberately excluded. Peer-reviewed science documenting the success of humane fertility control as an alternative to roundup and slaughter is being censored.

    But thanks to your help,  we’re not going to let federal officials and politicians hear only their one-sided, pro-slaughter message.

    Thank you for everything. Let’s keep it up!

    — Grace Kuhn, American Wild Horse Campaign

    P.S. We still need donations to help support our efforts this week in Salt Lake City and around the country.


  • CHILLY PEPPER UPDATE – Starved Stallions & Orphan Adoptions


    The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:


    Meet Walker, a Yakama stallion saved from slaughter. As you can see, he is in desperate need of groceries. He is in the worst shape of the 7 we picked up, but they are all in extremely poor condition. However, when you think of his alternate destination, slaughter would have been his destiny.

    We have some great news on the baby front. We have 5 scheduled adoptions for babies heading to their new homes in California. This will help our “milk load” tremendously, and leave only 10 orphans vs. the 15 we have now.

    We also have potential homes for 7 of the younger stallions, AFTER they are gelded. Right now we really need to raise funds to accomplish that. Then they will be off the Chilly Pepper books for good. :)

    Until we geld and place more horses, I have to say “no”, to anything but babies, and that is a horrific thought. We also had a lady who was trying to sponsor the gelding of these 14 stallions, but her funding fell through.

    So we have been taking some serious hits in the financial area, but I know that God will provide as this is His rescue.

    Our little man Sky seems to be heading towards darkness, as he is losing much of his vision. We are not sure how much he has lost so far, but he is obviously having severe problems. We suspected as much weeks ago, but he has unfortunately proven it to be a certainty. We just don’t know if he will keep any of his sight. But he is a sweetheart.

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  • You did it (and what’s next!)


    The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

    You did it. In less than a week, you blew past our goal of $10,000 to put a billboard up in Salt Lake City during the pro-slaughter “Wild Horse Summit.” Thanks to your help, the billboard goes up tomorrow morning as legislators and pro-slaughter “wildlife managers” arrive in Utah. (We’ll post pictures of the live billboard on our Facebook page early this week.)

    We’ve now raised nearly $20,000 and if we can raise another $10,000, we can add billboards in Phoenix, Reno, and Las Vegas — targeting some of the key votes that could decide the fate of wild horses in our country.

    Will you donate right now and help us expand our impact to prevent the slaughter of America’s wild horses?

    The summit this week in Salt Lake City is a sham. The gathering will bring together pro-slaughter “wildlife managers” and other special interests to lay the roadmap for the killing of America’s healthy wild horses. They’re banking on the pro-slaughter legislation passing.

    We were not invited. People with actual experience implementing humane management solutions are being deliberately excluded. Peer-reviewed science documenting the success of humane fertility control as an alternative to roundup and slaughter is being censored.

    But we’re not going to let federal officials and politicians hear only their one-sided, pro-slaughter message. Our billboard goes up on Monday, we’re saturating the event and hotel with mobile and digital ads, and on Wednesday we’re working with our coalition partner, The Cloud Foundation, and convening a press conference to raise attention to our (correct) side of the story.

    We will not let undecided legislators and the media get taken for a ride.

    This has to be our strategy nationwide. Our opponents are running aggressive campaigns to get their way. They’re convening summits, holding dinners, and lobbying. They’re banking on the hope that we won’t be as aggressive or as savvy. They’re wrong.

    Please donate now, and help us get up billboards in other key districts while we expand our grassroots, lobbying and digital campaigns nationwide.

    Thank you,

    Suzanne Roy


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