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$ 2,500.00

Caroline is a gaited 9 year old 14.2 hand (with stick) well-built, pretty red-roan mammoth jenny. She is what I consider green but she is very gentle and willing. She was broke to ride this last year. Had about 10 rides on her before she came to me to put miles and hours on her. Has a shuffle at the walk but not yet consistent. Forward moving and will walk out in front or in the back. Her trot is a shuffle trot, very smooth and flat, not bouncy like a straight gait donkey. Her canter is delightfully smooth and fun. I'm working on getting a better handle on her. When I got her there wasn't much of anything for left/right/stop so don't know what the trainer considered himself doing for 30 days. Owner took her back from trainer and let her sit then sold her. THAT SAID, she is going to be a marvelous trail animal. She will go where pointed so be willing to go. Leads, loads, picks up all feet very gently, takes a bit easily, fly spray no issue, clips. Can pet ears inside and out but you cannot grab them. Uses a bridle that disconnects over poll. Water bottle being squeezed not an issue. Put on/take off jacket. Not boogery in woods. BUT, her price is super reasonable for a gaited big jenny. Will send links for YouTube videos of her riding, shuffling, cantering, going thru thick woods, down/up steep farm ditches. Visit my FB page HOOK W MULES to find lots of video links, pics. Needs someone who can teach her as she goes. Message me on FB under BESS WALL or e-mail me. (dated 5-7-17)
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