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CORRECTION: The National Horse Show Announces Exciting New Additions to 2018 Board of Directors

The following is from the The National Horse Show: The National Horse Show Announces Exciting New Additions to 2018 Board of Directors Lexington - KY - March 14, 2018 - The National Horse Show is thrilled to announce the executive board for the 2018 National Horse Show. The larger Board of Directors will also welcome three fresh faces to their ranks, Lindsay Maxwell, Bryan Baldwin, and Clementina Rittenhouse Brown. The Board is hopeful to use it’s collected expertise to make this year’s event the best yet.  The 2018 National Horse Show Board of Directors includes:  Executive Board Chairman Mason Phelps  Vice Chairman Susan Humes  President Jennifer Burger  First Vice-President William H. Weeks  Second Vice-President John Walker, III  Treasurer Samuel A. B. Boone  Secretary William J. Berman, Esq.  Executive Director Cindy Bozan  Board of Directors Patricia Adikes-Hill Mrs. Thomas Armstrong, III Bryan Baldwin William Berman, Esq. Samuel A. B. Boone Clementina Rittenhouse Brown Jennifer Burger Lee Carter Craig Dobbs Margaret Duprey Susan Humes Margaret Jewett Paige Johnson Pam Keenan Lindsay Maxwell Caroline Moran Ernest Oare Mason Phelps Eric Straus Tracie Sturgill Suzanne Thoben Marquard John Walker, III William H. Weeks This year, the National Horse Show Foundation welcomes three important new appointments to their ranks. Each new member is an active equestrian and brings important ideas and concepts to help keep the National Horse Show the premier equestrian event on the indoor circuit. Bryan L. Baldwin is President of Meralex Farm. Meralex Farm is a nationally recognized Hunter Jumper show barn. Along with her professional trainers, Louise Serio and Peggy Gehman, Bryan specializes in raising, showing and selling top show Hunters and Jumpers. Bryan has been a nationally ranked Adult Amateur rider. Meralex Farm also bred and raced thoroughbred racehorses for fifteen years. Lindsay Maxwell is the founder of The Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund, a private philanthropic fund whose charitable endeavors reflect Lindsay’s personal priorities and values: improving the lives of children with special needs; enabling access opportunities to education; and providing care, compassion, and protection to animals. As an equestrian, Lindsay and her horses have been honored with numerous USEF Horse of the Year awards and major championships, recently including the Devon Horse Show, Capital Challenge Horse Show, Pennsylvania National Horse Show, Washington International Horse Show, and circuit champion of the Winter Equestrian Festival. Clementina Rittenhouse Brown is a resident of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania and a winter resident of Loxahatchee, ...
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FMCSA Announces New ELD Waiver

The following is from the American Horse Council: March 13, 2018 FMCSA Announces New ELD Waiver The U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) today announced additional steps to address the unique needs of the country’s agriculture industries and provided further guidance to assist in the effective implementation of the Congressionally-mandated electronic logging device (ELD) rule without impeding commerce or safety. FMCSA is announcing an additional 90-day temporary waiver from the ELD rule for agriculture related transportation. Additionally, during this time period, FMCSA will publish final guidance on both the agricultural 150 air-mile hours-of-service exemption and personal conveyance. It is important to note that this 90 days is an extension of the previous 90 days given to all agriculture commodity haulers.  This is not a final decision on the livestock specific ELD exemption request filed in September—a determination on that request is still to be made. The AHC will continue to push for this exemption along with other livestock industry associations. The welfare, safety, and health of the animals in transit, together with the safety of other drivers on the road, are top priorities for the equine industry and its enthusiasts. The AHC will continue to work with the FMCSA and the DOT during this delay to better meet the needs of the animal agriculture community to ensure that there are no unintended consequences from current ELD regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the AHC. Read on AHC Website ...
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ACTION ALERT- H2-B Visa Cap Relief Needed Now

The following is from the American Horse Council: ACTION ALERT- H2-B Visa Cap Relief Needed Now! As the March 23 deadline to finalize a FY2018 spending bill approaches, the horse industry and its allies continue to urge lawmakers to include H-2B guest worker visa “cap relief” in the final spending bill.   Please contact your federal elected officials today and tell them to support any provision that will provide H-2B visa cap relief within the context of FY2018 appropriations bills.  Congress can help provide the tools you need to grow your business in 2018 by enacting visa cap relief today! Take Action ...
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AHC Tax Bulletin-March 2018

The following is from the American Horse Council: AHC's Tax Bulletin is Sponsored by The American Horse Council keeps you up to date with important tax court cases and regulations with its bi-monthly Tax Bulletin. The Tax Bulletin is a member benefit, and thus is not intended for reproduction. For more information on federal legislation, equine health and regulatory issues, taxes, animal welfare, racing, recreation, and showing please visit our website at www.horsecouncil.org Horse Industry Trots Into New Tax Landscape Two major policy developments have dramatically changed the tax landscape for horse owners and millions of other Americans as they make nancial plans for their businesses and families in 2018 and beyond: enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which rewrites major business and individual provisions of the tax code; and passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 (aka, “tax extenders”), which extends for one year a host of tax incentives that expired at the end of 2016. Login to read the March Tax Bulletin Qualifed Business Income Deduction Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act By Douglas Dean, CPA, Dean Dorton Allen Ford, PLLC, Lexington, KY Thomson Reuters, a major resource provider for tax professionals, recently stated: “Few provisions in the recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are likely to have a greater impact or create more confusion than the new Code Section 199A deduction for noncorporate taxpayers for qualified business income.” Login to read the March Tax Bulletin The AHC Tax Bulletin is a digest of current tax developments affecting the horse industry. The AHC Tax Bulletin is for informational purposes only and not intended to take the place of professional tax counsel. Click to dowload a PDF of the Tax Bulletin AHC Tax Bulletin Advisory Board Editor-In-Chief Thomas A. Davis, Esq. Davis & Harman LLP Washington, DC ​www.davis-harman.com Doug Dean Dean Dorton Allen Ford, PLLC Lexington, KY www.ddafcpa.com   Paul Husband, Esq  Husband Law Group Universal City, CA www.husbandlaw.com  John Kropp, Esq Graydon, Head & Ritchey Cincinnati, OH www.graydonhead.com  Bruce Oberfest, Esq, CPA Bruce D. Oberfest & Associates Chappaqua, NY Douglas Romaine, Esq Stoll Keenon Ogden, PLLC Lexington, KY www.skofirm.com  Joel B. Turner, Esq. Frost Brown Todd Louisville, KY www.frostbrowntodd.com  Download a PDF of the Tax Bulletin ...
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FMCSA Responds to AHC Request

The following is from the American Horse Council: February 26, 2018 FMCSA Responds to AHC Request The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) followed their recent meeting with AHC staff, a meeting in response to the AHC request for clarification , by releasing two documents on the existing Commercial Driver License (CDL) regulations and how those regulations impact the horse industry. The AHC is appreciative of the horse specific efforts that FMCSA have taken to quell the concerns of our recreational enthusiasts. The guidance titled “Agricultural Exceptions and Exemptions to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Hours of Service (HOS) and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Rules” and “Non-Business Related Transportation of Horses ” explain how published FMCSA guidance provides an exception for the transportation of horses when the transportation in question is not business related (neither for compensation, nor where the driver is engaged in an underlying business related to the move). In these cases, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations do not apply, even if prize or scholarship money is offered. This includes the Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations, requirements for Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) and CDL regulations, unless required by the driver’s home state. Both documents contain example scenarios that may help horse owners better understand the regulations as they exist today. The documents can be found on the FMCSA website at: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/hours-service/elds/non-business-related-transportation-horses https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/hours-service/elds/agricultural-exceptions-and-exemptions-federal-motor-carrier-safety The AHC will continue to pursue clarifications until the industry is satisfied that there are no unintended consequences from current CDL or ELD regulations. The AHC will take action where clarifications are not sufficient, including the continued collaboration with the entire livestock industry to get a delay in ELD enforcement. AHC staff are still compiling the industry’s concerns and questions to forward to DOT and invite people to share their comments. Additionally, DOT has established a specific email address for agricultural specific questions at agricultural@dot.gov . This address will be used to generate a future F.A.Q. page. The AHC encourages our members to share their questions to the DOT email as well to better highlight the existing concerns regarding the interpretation of CDL regulations. If clarifications and the F.A.Q. fail to address the concerns of our members, then the AHC will continue their efforts and pursue both legislative and regulatory solutions. Find AHC resources at http://www.horsecouncil.org/eld-mandate-cdl-requirements/ Please contact the American Horse Council with any questions or comments. Read on AHC Website ...
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National Forest Service Identifies Priority Areas for Trail Repair

The following is from the American Horse Council: February 20, 2018 National Forest Service Identifies “Priority Areas” for Trail Repair, Lawmakers to Expand Scope of RNR Act On February 16, the Department of Agriculture’s National Forest Service (NFS) unveiled a list of 15 trail areas that the agency is targeting for priority maintenance projects.  As you recall, the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act (PL 114-245, aka, “Trails Act”), signed into law in late 2016, directs the NFS to take steps to reduce the backlog of federal maintenance projects by identifying those that are in most need of repair. The Trails Act outlines a detailed program including goals and timetables by which the Department of Agriculture (USDA) will leverage private partners to clear trails long overdue for maintenance.  USDA Secretary Perdue underscored the importance of public/private partnerships supported by the horse industry by stating that the “partners and volunteers” will “address needed infrastructure work,” amounting to about $300 million in backlog maintenance. Jim McGarvey, who leads the American Horse Council’s Recreation, Trails and Land-Use Committee, applauds the agency’s follow-through on the Trails Act directives.  He states that “AHC was a proud supporter of the Trails Act, and we thank the Forest Service for its continued work in saving these trails for America’s horse riders.” By beginning work on “priority areas,” the agency is focusing on trails that were “impassable” and otherwise posed safety hazards to horsemen and other outdoor enthusiasts.  On February 13, NFS personnel informed AHC members and staff that the agency will continue to explore ways to leverage public/private partnerships to maintain public trails.  To view a copy of the NFS announcement, please click here:  https://www.fs.fed.us/news/releases/usda-secretary-announces-infrastructure-improvements-forest-system-trails. On the congressional front, lawmakers continue to review provisions that would expand the scope of the Recreation-Not-Red-Tape (RNR) Act (H.R. 3400), one of Congress’ most ambitious public lands initiatives.  The legislation would build on the success of the Trails Act by authorizing the Department of the Interior, through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), to enter into cooperative agreements with private parties to continue to expand the role of volunteers in trail maintenance.  The House Natural Resources Committee is planning to move forward with a mark-up of H.R. 3400, possibly as early as March, to incorporate provisions of the Guide Outfitters (GO) Act into H.R. 3400.  The expanded bill would establish a variety of regulatory efficiencies, including creation of joint permits for activities that ...
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