Video Training Tips

In response to letters and emails from people with training and behavior questions about their equines, Meredith has created a series of short training tip videos to help address some of these common issues.

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Individual Training Tips

Training Tip 59 Ground Driving Maneuvers

Ground Driving Maneuvers

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LTR Training Tip 58 Screenshot

Getting in Sync on the Drive Lines

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Transition To Drivelines

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Screen Shot 2017 02 06 At 9.26.37 AM

Lunge Line Training

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Screen Shot 2017 01 03 At 4.43.35 PM

Lunging Multiple Equines

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Screen Shot 2016 12 27 At 8.53.04 AM E1482858241517

Setting Up for Successful Lunging

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Use of the Whip During Lunging

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TT 52 Slideshow

Verbal Commands and Body Language

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Screen Shot 2016 11 01 At 5.06.24 PM 1

Adjusting Tack & Equipment

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Appropriate Tack & Equipment for Lunging

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TT49 FreeLunging

Free Lunging in the Round Pen

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TT48 PrepForLunging

Preparation for Lunging

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TT47 SidePassingT

Side Passing the “T”

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TT 46 When Stage Two

What to Do When Stage Two Isn’t Working

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TT45 LeadingLateralObstacles

Leading Through Lateral Obstacles

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