Video Training Tips

In response to letters and emails from people with training and behavior questions about their equines, Meredith has created a series of short training tip videos to help address some of these common issues.

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Individual Training Tips

TT Desensitization


Download Tutorial

TT ClutterFreeStalls

Clutter-Free Stalls

Download Tutorial

TT Imprinting

Imprinting and How it Works

Download Tutorial

TT ImportancePosture

The Importance of Good Posture

Download Tutorial

TT HowWhenRewards

How and When to Use Rewards

Download Tutorial

TT RewardSystem

The Reward System

Download Tutorial

TT HaySaltLick

Hay and Salt Lick

Download Tutorial

TT PastureGrazing

Pasture Grazing

Download Tutorial

TT OatsMixture

A Proper Feeding Regimen: Oats Mixture

Download Tutorial

TT FeedingTime

Feeding Time

Download Tutorial

TT CommunicationEquines

Communication and Equines

Download Tutorial

TT WorkStations

Work Stations

Download Tutorial

TT DangerHalters

Danger of Halters

Download Tutorial

TT DonkeysCreativeApproach

Donkeys Require a Creative Approach

Download Tutorial

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You can also check out the Ask Meredith archives, where we have answers to many commonly asked questions.