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The following is from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue:

Good Deep Freeze Afternoon SYALER Friends,

Mother Nature has offered us the splendor of a snow-covered landscape and the glinting beauty of ice-coated trees this final week of 2017. But she is also challenging us with these continued days of sub-zero temperatures.

Doing anything outdoors right now is difficult if not dangerous. Seeing to the daily needs of numerous rescue donkeys and mules in this extreme cold is downright dreadful.

There is good reason to worry more about the herd as this bitter cold can cause colic among other things. Ann must venture out regularly to make sure the heated water troughs are always topped off. She maintains separate heated water sources containing electrolytes and in these brutal, arctic days keeps hay in front of every animal 24 hours a day. Just the three draft mules alone are going through half a dozen bales of hay a day at $5.50 each!

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