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Are slaughter proponents shifting tactics?


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Are Mustang Slaughter Proponents Shifting Tactics in Congress?

At a hearing on Capitol Hill yesterday, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT), who last year lobbied hard for language authorizing the mass killing of wild horses and burros, signaled a possible shift in tactics. Instead of advocating for Congress to lift the ban on mustang slaughter, they focused on non-lethal management strategies. While the Interior Department’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget still proposes language that would authorize horse slaughter, it may be that Secretary Zinke and Rep. Stewart have resigned themselves to the fact that mass slaughter of America’s wild horses and burros is wildly unpopular, especially in an election year. Whatever the reason, the shift in focus away from slaughter to non-lethal options is a significant development. Read more in an analysis by AWHC’s lobbyist by clicking below.

AWHC Candidate Questionnaire: Ready to Launch

As a supporter of AWHC, you deserve to know where your candidates stand on the issues involving wild horses. That’s why, in addition to our work in the field, in the courts, and with the federal budget, we’re launching a new initiative: our first candidate survey. Over the next few months, we’ll be asking candidates in key states a series of questions on where they stand on protecting wild horses and burros and our public lands. We’ll then inform our supporters of the candidates’ positions on the wild horse issue, so voters can be informed before heading to the polls this fall. Click below for a preview of the survey and stay tuned for the results.

Mustang Rescue Underway

As a result of AWHC’s Cooperative Agreement with the State of Nevada for rescue of the Virginia Range horses, over 200 of these cherished mustangs have been saved from slaughter. Through a strong coalition effort, the vast majority of these horses have been placed in quality homes. However, the downside of adoption is that many adoptions fail, and mustangs routinely enter the slaughter pipeline. Such is the case with five Virginia Range horses — a senior gelding and his family — who are currently being transported back to Nevada after being rescued from the kill buyer who operates the notorious Bastrop kill pen in Louisiana. Read more by clicking below about the rescue and why we fight so hard to keep wild horses wild and free on the range, where they belong.



Moving Forward: A Unified Statement


The following is from The Cloud Foundation and The American Wild Horse Campaign:


As you probably are aware, 2017 presented major threats to America’s wild horses and burros. In 2018, the assault on our beloved wild herds is continuing and will intensify.

With the input of others that value our wild horses and burros, we’ve developed a Unified Statement.  Its purpose is to detail and demonstrate common cause among equine welfare, photography, eco-tourist and other citizen organizations that support humane, evidence-based management of wild horses and burros on our public lands.  By outlining principles and recommendations for ways to keep free-roaming equines on their homelands, the statement shows that we’re not only against a cruel and broken system of roundup and removal, but are also banding together around sensible alternatives.  We’re excited that over 110 groups across the country have chosen to participate.  

Last month, Congressional appropriators defeated an administration proposal to destroy tens of thousands of wild equines and allow “unlimited” sales of those deemed unadaptable.  This month, the Trump Administration again called on Congress to grant authority in the Fiscal Year 2019 budget to authorize killing and selling to slaughter tens of thousands of captive and free-roaming wild equines.  Therefore, the Unified Statement could not be more timely. Read the Unified Statement and learn how you can support this effort.

Download the PDF of Moving Forward: A Unified Statement on the Humane, Sustainable and Cost-Effective On-Range Management of America’s Wild Horses and Burros

Tell Congress: Thanks for protecting wild horses and burros


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Your Senators and Representatives are back in their home districts for the next two weeks for Easter Recess.

This is a great time to call their district offices and thank them for maintaining protections for wild horses and burros in the 2018 Omnibus spending bill, which passed last week.

Remember, the Fiscal Year 2019 Appropriations process is already under way, and the Interior Department is once again doubling down on its plan to slaughter our nation’s iconic mustangs and burros.

We have a major battle on our hands again, and we can lay a strong foundation for the fight ahead expressing our gratitude now to Congress for listening to the will of the people and protecting our wild horses and burros.

What You Can Do

1. Find the district office for your Representative and Senators and give them a call!

Here’s what you need to say: “I’m calling to let Senator/Rep [name] know how much I appreciate Congress’ decision to maintain long-standing protections for wild horses and burros from killing and slaughter. Please ask Senator/Rep to ensure that these same protections are carried forward in 2019 spending legislation. Thank you.”

2. Follow up with an email.

Thank you so much for taking action for wild horses and burros,

The AWHC Team


Congress Spares America’s Horses


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

The Omnibus spending bill is finally out, and America’s horses are protected for the next six months!

This is huge! Congress heard the voice of the American people and maintained protections for wild horses and burros against slaughter and mass killing. The spending bill also maintains the de facto ban on U.S. horse slaughter by continuing the prohibition for federal funding of USDA horsemeat inspections.

While we breathe a collective sigh of relief, let’s take a moment to savor the significance of this victory. Just one year ago, newly-appointed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke made killing wild horses and burros a top priority of his administration, and he aligned with powerful agricultural lobbying groups to get his lethal agenda through the Congress.

But these special interests could not drown out the voice of the American people, who want our wild horses protected and humanely managed, not slaughtered.

We share this victory with many organizations and tens of thousands of citizens across the U.S., who made their voices heard on behalf of our iconic mustangs and burros.

So let’s celebrate today, but while we do, let’s remember that this fight is far from over. This spending bill expires on September 30, 2018, and Zinke’s Interior Department will double down on its efforts to slaughter our wild horses and burros. The next appropriations fight – for Fiscal Year 2019 — has already begun.

We’re counting on your support in the coming weeks and months as we work to build on this victory and secure lasting protections for our magnificent wild horses and burros. So please, stay tuned, stay strong and stay ready.

But, tonight, enjoy the victory!

Thank you for everything,

Suzanne Roy


We’re Heading Court Again… And Other News


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fate of 90,000 Horses to be Decided in Congress Next Week 

Photo: Mikel Hettrick

We have just eight days until Congress must make a decision on spending legislation for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2018. Behind the scenes negotiations are going on RIGHT NOW as Congress decides between the Senate Interior spending bill, which prohibits killing and slaughter of wild horses and burros, and the House version, which would allow the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to destroy up to 90,000 mustangs and burros. It’s time to reach out to House and Senate leadership to save the lives of our American mustangs and burros – will you make the calls today?

NV Business Leaders Stand With AWHC to Save Virginia Range Mustangs

Photo: Scott Sonner/AP

We were honored this week to be joined at a press conference in Reno, Nevada by officials from the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRI), the largest industrial park in the world, in support of our fight to save the Virginia Range horses in northern Nevada. TRI Director and Storey County Commissioner Lance Gilman gave an inspiring talk about the incredible economic development happening at the TRI and how the powerhouse companies there — including Tesla, Switch, and Blockchains — are strongly behind protecting the horses. Tomorrow, we’ll file our lawsuit to stop the state from giving away the horses to a private owner who would then have the “property rights” to do what it wants with the horses, including selling them for slaughter. 

AWHC and TCF Threaten Legal Action Over Upcoming BLM Advisory Board Meeting

AWHC and The Cloud Foundation are taking a stand against the BLM’s violation of public notice requirements in the scheduling of the next meeting of the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, currently set for Salt Lake City on March 27, 2018. Yesterday, William Miller of Scottsdale, AZ, attorney for AWHC and TCF, sent a formal letter demanding that the meeting be rescheduled to allow for the required 30-day public notification. Mr. Miller says: “The BLM must give proper notice so that the public can have a voice on this issue that so many citizens care about. This Board has been consistently out of step with the wishes of Americans, 80 percent of whom oppose the killing and slaughter of our wild horses. We will not stand by while this agency trounces federal law in order to restrict the voice of the people and ram through yet another morally bankrupt and unscientific recommendation to kill our American mustangs.”



Thank you! Here’s what’s next —


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Thanks to overwhelming support from activists like you, our Spring Campaign was a great success. We were able to raise over $50,000 that will go toward saving and protecting our nation’s wild horses.

With your help, we’re able to continue to battle for wild horses and burros in the courts and in the field.

From everyone at AWHC, thank you.

But we’re still in the midst of one of our biggest battles. Right now, Congress is finalizing a spending bill that may include provisions for the roundup and slaughter of over 90,000 wild horses across the United States.

The deal will be done within the next 10 days. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Call the Leadership of the House and Senate. See numbers below. Simply deliver this message: “I’m calling to urge Senator/Representative _____ to keep horse slaughter out of 2018 spending legislation by maintaining the Senate versions of Agriculture and Interior Appropriations bills. Please stand with the 80% of Americans who oppose horse slaughter and want our wild horses protected and humanely managed, not killed or slaughtered.”
  1. Contact your representatives now. Tell them that you stand with the 80% of Americans who oppose killing wild horses and burros, and want them protected and humanely managed on our public lands. Take action here.

It’ll be a long fight to make sure the lives of wild horses and burros are no longer in jeopardy. But with your support, we’re making gains toward a successful future.

Thank you,



DEADLINE: Donate now to help us reach our goal!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Please donate before midnight tonight to help us reach our Spring Campaign goal!

They’ve lost their freedom, now BLM wants to kill them… Help us stop the slaughter of our American icons!

Our Spring Protection Campaign ends at midnight tonight, and we’re just $7,000 away from reaching our goal of $50,000 for wild horses and burros.

Chip in now so we can reach our goal!

Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve been able to raise funds over the last two weeks to:

  • Prepare the best cases possible for our lawsuits against the BLM to defend wild horses in Nevada and Wyoming;
  • Raise awareness and organize action calls to Congress to protect wild horses and burros in 2018 Congressional spending legislation; and
  • Document the abuses that are happening on the ground so that Americans across the country can see this despicable treatment of our iconic mustangs.

The funds raised in our Spring Campaign are vital to making our work at AWHC possible. This is your chance to ensure the protection of our wild horses and burros for years to come.

Donate before midnight to get us over the finish line.

Thank you for your incredible support!



Time’s Almost Up for Wild Horses and Burros


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Right now in Congress, members are working on a 2018 spending bill that will directly affect the lives of thousands of America’s wild horses and burros.

Your elected representatives need to hear from you now to ensure that protections against mass killing and slaughter are maintained in the final spending bill. 


You can say: “As your constituent, I’m calling to ask Senator/Representative [Name] to work with leadership to ensure that the final 2018 spending bill protects America’s wild horses and burros from mass killing and slaughter. Please stand with 80% of Americans who oppose killing wild horses and burros and want them protected and humanely managed on our public lands. Thank you.”

After your calls, please send a follow up message.

If we all act together NOW, we can prevail!

Thank you,



Stand up for mustangs


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

This week only…Get your limited edition Stand Up For Mustangs apparel and show your support for our work to keep them wild! 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our limited-edition Stand Up For Mustangs apparel! For the next six days, our friends at FLOAT will donate $8 for every shirt sold to the American Wild Horse Campaign.

Please visit www.float.org and SHOP today – there are lots of fun colors and styles to choose from! This is a great way to support our work to protect America’s wild horsesand look fabulous! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Buy Now

We need to hear from you


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Our wild horses and burros have never been more threatened — and we’ve never been doing more to defend them. Now we need to hear from you: What should our priority be in this crucial time?

  • Working in statehouses and in the halls of the Congress to demand humane, evidence-based wild horse management. CLICK HERE.
  • Observing and documenting the BLM’s cruel roundups so that citizens across the country can hold our government accountable. CLICK HERE
  • Taking the BLM and state governments to court to stop the roundup and slaughter of wild horses and burros. CLICK HERE

Some other priority we should be focused on? Let us know.

Your feedback is vital to letting us know how we’re doing — and where we can improve. Without advocates and supporters like you, wild horses and burros wouldn’t have a voice. Thank you for standing with us — and with them.

The AWHC Team


HAPPENING NOW: Slaughter in the U.S. Budget?


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

The budget debate is happening in Congress NOW — which means we have a limited amount of time to guarantee a pro-horse, anti-slaughter budget for 2018.

After kicking the can down the road for months, Congress now appears likely to vote in the next few weeks on spending legislation for the remainder of 2018.

That means the coming weeks will be crucial, as Congress decides between the House version (which would allow the BLM to kill as many as 90,000 wild horses and burros), and the Senate version (which continues to prohibit killing and slaughter).

Contact your Members of Congress NOW and tell them to vote NO on wild horse killing and slaughter.

We can’t stand by and let our tax dollars go towards the wholesale destruction of these magnificent creatures!

Reach out to your Members of Congress today and make sure these beautiful, wild animals are left to roam free on our public lands, where they belong.

In Solidarity,

Suzanne, Executive Director


The fate of 90,000 wild horses


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We’ve got a number of fights on our hands, but the most pressing of all is the budget being debated in Congress right now. A proposed amendment would allow the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to destroy healthy wild horses and burros, putting the lives of up to 90,000 animals at risk.

That’s not a move toward sustainable management — that’s a massacre.

We’ve launched the Spring Protection Campaign to fuel all our work to protect wild horses — can you help?

Stand with us in telling Congress that the mass slaughter of wild horses and burros is inhumane and wrong.

We’re in the halls of Congress, fighting back against these disastrous, inhumane proposals. And, we’ve teamed up with over 80 other organizations to urge Congress to maintain protections for wild horses and burros against mass killing and slaughter. But we need to do even more to protect these iconic animals.

As Americans, the fate of 90,000 horses is in our hands. Help us prevent the passage of the BLM’s cruel and lethal budget plan before it’s too late.

Please donate today and stand up for our wild horses and burros.

We can do this.

Suzanne Roy


UPDATE: Panicked horses chased by helicopters, rounded up, and penned


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Help us change this– pitch in today

Picture dozens of terrified horses, lathered in sweat despite frigid temperatures, eyes wide with fear, running away from government helicopters. Exhausted and resigned, they are driven into traps, then trucked to packed holding pens where they languish for weeks, months, and even years.

That’s what our AWHC team witnessed in Nevada, Utah, and Oregon already this year, as we documented BLM roundups. I’m just back from the Triple B roundup in Nevada where I filmed hundreds of horses, including heavily pregnant mares and several tiny foals, stampeded by helicopters. The trauma of the roundups will cause many of the captured mares tol abort their foals.

These barbaric roundups will keep happening unless we fight back. That’s why AWHC has launched the Spring Protection Campaign to make sure that all of its vital work continues — from documenting BLM roundups, to advocating for a slaughter-free budget in Washington, to defending wild horses and burros in court.

Please, make a donation in honor of the 2,000 proud American mustangs who have lost their freedom so far this year in BLM roundups.


The lives of every one of these horses are in danger as Congress decides whether or not to give the BLM permission to kill or slaughter as many as 90,000 of them.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Long-term, humane management via birth control is more than just possible; it’s the best option. But the BLM is committed to perpetuating its cruel, inhumane management practices. That’s why documenting the roundups is so important — to let all Americans know about the abuse that our government is perpetrating against our iconic wild horses and burros.

This is a tough fight, but AWHC is in it for the long haul. This week has been hard — but I’m more determined than ever to save these beautiful, wild creatures.

Please donate now to keep AWHC in the fight.

Michael A.
AWHC Videographer





New Trump Budget Puts Mustang Lives on the Line…Again


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

BLM Doubles Down on Mass Mustang Slaughter

The Trump Administration’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 budget is out, and it again asks Congress for permission to slaughter federally protected mustangs and burros in holding facilities and on the range. The budget calls for slashing $14 million from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Wild Horse and Burro Program budget by selling as many as 90,000 wild horses and burros for slaughter to supply foreign horsemeat markets. The lethal plan tramples the wishes of the vast majority Americans – including 86% of Trump voters — and is contrary to the recommendations of the National Academy of Sciences. We now have two fights on our hands as Congress finalizes 2018 spending legislation and begins the 2019 appropriations process. Please take one moment to take a stand against mass mustang slaughter by clicking below.

Stop Nevada’s Virginia Range Mustang Giveaway

Late last week, AWHC sent Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and his Department of Agriculture a legal letter demanding that they rescind the Request for Proposals to transfer ownership of the historic Virginia Range mustangs to a private party. The new owner would then have “property” rights to do what it wants with the horses, including sell them for slaughter. The proposed giveaway is not only illegal, but also would prevent the public from having any say in the protection and management of this locally cherished mustang population. Join us in standing up for the Virginia Range horses by clicking below.

United We Stand for Mustangs

AWHC is pleased to join with more than 80 other organizations and businesses in calling on Congress to maintain prohibitions on mass killing and slaughter of wild horses and burros, and to compel the BLM to implement a humane, scientific and politically viable management program for the nation’s iconic mustang and burro herds. The “Unified Statement “on the Humane, Sustainable, and Cost-Effective On-Range Management of America’s Wild Horses and Burros” lays out a set of principles and recommendations on which such a plan can be based. Please click below to read and share the Unified Statement – the more we stand together, the better our chances of prevailing for the mustangs!


The Latest on Wild Horses: Capitol Hill, Lawsuits, & Roundups


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Budget Deal Presents New Dangers for Wild Horses & Burros

​There’s another mad scramble on Capitol Hill as Congress works to pass a spending measure to keep the government running beyond today’s deadline. As has been the case since last year, the fate of America’s wild horses and burros remains on the line. Although the expected short-term spending measure is not likely to impact mustangs, the longer-term budget deal that will be negotiated over the next month will. Read the latest update from AWHC’s lobbyists below.

AWHC: Defending America’s Wild Horses & Burros in Court

It’s been a busy week for AWHC’s legal team. In addition to filing a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for its massive roundup plan in Nevada’s Antelope and Triple B Complexes, we also filed a motion in federal court in California to intervene in a lawsuit filed by ranchers who graze cattle in the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory. Last year, we won a federal lawsuit that stopped the U.S. Forest Service from reducing the size of the habitat for the Devil’s Garden horses. Now we’re defending them from this attempt to compel the Forest Service to remove more than 2,000 of these federally-protected mustangs from their homes on the range in the Modoc National Forest. Read more below.

BLM Gallops on with Winter Roundups

Last week, AWHC staff was onsite at the Bible Springs Complex roundup in Utah where 350 wild horses are being targeted for removal. We will head to Nevada next week to document the final weeks of the on-going roundup of wild horses from the Triple B Complex where there have already been 8 deaths. Read more about the operations and watch our daily videos at the link below. 



Breaking: We’re suing BLM


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Big news. We just filed in the U.S. District Court in Nevada challenging the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) cruel ten-year plan to round up and remove over 9,000 federally-protected wild horses in southeastern Nevada. That’s right: We’re suing the BLM — again!

If we win, it will set another important precedent for wild horses — but we need more resources to make that happen. Can you make an emergency donation for our efforts today?

Donate now to support our lawsuit against the BLM and all our efforts to fight for wild horses.

The plan the BLM has rolled out for the wild horses in the Antelope and Triple B Complexes in eastern Nevada is terrible. It’s the same broken approach that the National Academy of Sciences called “expensive and unproductive for the BLM and the public it serves.” The agency wants to reduce the breeding population of wild horses in these areas by 90 percent to the low appropriate management level of 899 horses on 2.8 million acres – or one horse per 3,115 acres!

The helicopter roundups will chase thousands of frightened, helpless horses into cramped, confined pens. At past roundups, we’ve witnessed traumatized horses struggling desperately to escape — even breaking limbs trying to get free.

Phase 1 of the roundup is underway right now with 900 horses targeted for removal. We can’t stop that, but we can impact the roundups that will take 8,000 more horses from their homes on the range… and stop the BLM from implementing harmful practices — including castrating wild stallions on the range — that will take the wild out of these wild horses by destroying their natural behaviors.

We can’t let the BLM implement this massive, wide-ranging roundup and sterilization plan. We’re going to force the BLM back to the drawing board to come up with a better plan for the beautiful wild horses of this area. But we need your help to get the job done in federal court.

Please donate today and stand up for wild horses.

We’ll keep you updated on this case and all the vital work we’re doing for wild horses and burros.

Thanks for standing with us and our magnificent wild horses and burros.

Suzanne Roy, Executive Director


Wild horses in the spotlight


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Friend –

Great news: our efforts were featured last night on ABC’s Nightline!

Watch the segment now and then click “Share” to help us spread the word!

This is a must-watch segment for anyone interested in learning more about our movement and protecting these majestic animals. Thank you to the Nightline team for its excellent reporting on the abuse of roundups and the work our organization and our allies are doing to implement humane solutions for wild horse management.

Please share far and wide and ask your friends to do the same! Let’s continue to spread awareness of the plight of our mustangs on our Western public lands.

– The AWHC Team


Another Zeroing Out? Just Say No… And Other News


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Take Action for Nevada’s Wild Horses

Please take action to oppose the BLM’s “zeroing-out” (eliminating) all wild horses from the Seaman and White River Herd Management Areas in Nevada. Over the past 46 years, the BLM has slowly but steadily eliminated approximately 25,000 square miles of wild horse and burro habitat… That’s more land than the entire states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New Jersey combined! By taking action today, you are telling our federal government that you oppose removing all wild horses from nearly 600 square miles of our public lands in Nevada. Take action and share with your friends and family to stand up against this assault on our wild horses.

BLM Continues to Round Up Wild Horses as their Fate Hangs in Balance

As the BLM awaits a decision by Congress on whether or not to grant its request to kill tens of thousands of wild horses and burros in holding facilities and on the range, the agency is moving ahead with roundups in three Western states. This includes the massive removal of 1,000 horses from Nevada’s Antelope and Triple B Complexes. Read more about the upcoming roundups by clicking below.

Is the Horse a Native Species?

We recently sat down with Dr. Beth Shapiro, a world-renowned evolutionary biologist who heads the Paleogenomics Laboratory at University of California Santa Cruz to discuss The Original Horse Project and to ask the controversial question: Is the horse a native species to North America? Watch her answer the piece below! 

Photo 1 by BLM, Photo 2 by Caroline Christie



Nevada to Give Away Virginia Range Mustangs – Please Help!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

If you contacted Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to protect the Virginia Range wild horses – thank you.

You may have received an email response from the Governor’s office outlining “criteria” for the state’s ill-conceived plan to give away the 3,000 Virginia Range wild horses. Unfortunately, what the Governor failed to even mention is that by the state giving away the horses, the state and citizens would have NO power to stop the new owner from killing healthy horses. The state can have whatever “criteria” or “intent” it wants — but the final decisions about the horses’ fate would rest with the new OWNER. The horses would be deemed privately-owned and would be subject to all laws pertaining to domestic horses/livestock (e.g. branding laws, liability laws, etc.)

The Governor and his Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) know that transferring ownership of these horses to a private party is not viable especially from a liability perspective. Currently, under Nevada law, the state owns the horses and is exempt from any liability of damage or injury caused by the horses. This exemption from liability  would not pertain to any private owner of the horses. Thus, the transfer of the 3,000 horses to a private entity that has good intentions for the horses is not practical. AWHC strongly believes that no legitimate advocacy organization could take on this type of liability.

While what the Governor wrote sounds nice. However, the Governor and NDA are disingenuous when they asssert that this is in the interest of protecting and preserving the horses because their scheme cannot be implemented as advertised.

Lastly, we need to remind you that the only supporters of this giveaway plan is Protect the Harvest, the organization lobbying to legalize the killing of America’s wild horses and burros, and ranchers who have long pushed to kill wild horses.

Please let us know if you have questions. We stand ready, as we always have been, to resume the public/private partnership for all aspects of humane management of the Virginia Range horses. 

– The AWHC Team


Is it game over for wild horses?


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

there are only hours left to take advantage of our year-end match and make a tax-deductible gift for wild horses in 2017. We’re almost there – can you give before midnight to make double the difference for horses and burros?

2X the impact for wild horses

Thanks for all your support – and best wishes for a wild and free New Year!

– The AWHC Team


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