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  • What’s New? Roll Gets Massage Therapy


    Roll has had a tough time with his left hind foot first with the White Line Disease last year and now with an abscess in his foot between the bulb of the heel and the hoof wall. Although we have been keeping a poultice on his foot and he seems to be improving, we thought it would be important for him to have a massage with his equine masseuse, Joanne Lang after his chiropractic adjustment with Dave McClain.


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  • What’s New? Roll Comes Up Lame


    Roll was doing better and then all of a sudden he was very lame in his left hind foot again on February 10th. The only thing we could think of was that he must have twisted it and maybe even caught the boot on something in his pen when he was trying to get up.

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  • What’s New? Roll


    February 3, 2017

    Roll came up lame in his left hind again today, so we called our veterinarian, Greg Farrand to come and check him. He had swelling in the fetlock joint and it appeared to have just begun. I supported his joint with a wrap so is would be easier for him to walk to the Tack Barn work station.

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  • “Ride a Rescue” equestrian show division features only rescue horses


    Story courtesy of CBS19.

    ride a rescueAn Albemarle County horse-riding center spent part of Sunday afternoon shining the spotlight on rescue horses.

     North Garden Equestrian Center hosts several horse shows a year but for the first time, a new division was added that exclusively featured rescue horses.

    Twelve-year-old Taylor Thomas was one of the riders.

    She’s been riding horses for four years but it was only just last Christmas that she was united with Amber, a rescue from Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue.

    “She was skin and bones and covered in lice but she was a sweetheart and Taylor fell in love with her,” said Keena Thomas, Taylor’s mom.

    “She’s a good girl,” said Taylor. “She does anything I ask, basically. I bathed her and got most of the lice off and then trained her basically again.”

    Since her rescue, Amber has gained more than 100 pounds and is now winning ribbons along with the best of them.

    “I am extremely pleased to be able to be the first one to judge it,” said equestrian judge, Davera Ackenbom. “I have goosebumps.”

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  • International Aftercare Forum Set for 2017


    This is excerpted from a post at Bloodhorse.com by Tom LaMarra.

    Groundwork continues to be laid for an international conference on racehorse aftercare that has been scheduled for October 2017, according to Godolphin, which in late July held three days of meetings as part of the planning process.

    The international forum is designed to “bring together the official and national operations based around the world that facilitate and promote the retraining of racehorses,” Godolphin said Aug. 1. The leading breeding and racing organization unveiled the effort at its recent “Lifetime Care for Thoroughbreds” meetings in England.

    The International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses is expected to include representatives from Australia, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, and the United States. Godolphin said IFAR will work with the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities and act as an assembly for discussion to facilitate growth of aftercare programs despite “geographical and industry differences.”

    Multiple programs, including the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance in the United States, have sprung up in recent years around the world. The IFAR “will enable these experiences to be shared, for best practices to be adopted, and for advice to be given to all racing jurisdictions regarding caring for and the retraining of former racehorses,” Godolphin said.

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