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We’re all about loving equines! It just wouldn’t be right to love mules and hinnies without also loving the donkeys and horses that gave us the opportunity to bring these amazing hybrids into this world. We pay homage to the donkeys for their contribution of strength, intelligence and common sense, and to the horses for their contribution of beauty, athleticism and speed. It’s not about which equine is better than another, but rather the wonderful gifts that are donated by each parent of the offspring, creating an equine that is superior to both his or her parents.

My landmark mule and donkey training is internationally acknowledged, not only for its resistance-free and humane approach, but also for its proven results with ALL equines. Throughout my years as a breeder and trainer, I have come to recognize that equine owners need to know as much about the management, training and conditioning of their equine athletes as they need to know about their own health practices—in fact, the two go together. In training and caring for longears, I have been able to apply my techniques to the care and maintenance of equines in general, effectively helping you to produce a healthy, happy and safe partnership with your equine.

I’ve created the Lucky Three Ranch website for everyone who loves horses and ponies, but who would also like to know more about donkeys, mules and other equine hybrids. And if you are thinking of buying a mule or donkey, you’ve come to the right place, too! You’ll find lots of information to help you be a smart buyer. You’ll also get all the latest news and information on equine career opportunities, training, breeding, showing, recreation and much more. There is even a children’s site that lets kids of all ages play while safely and responsibly learning about equines. This website is a place where the entire equine community can come together; to share and learn from each other…and have a lot of fun in the process!

Best Wishes & Happy Trails!

Meredith Hodges
Learn Together, Excel Together

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Meredith Hodges is a judge, Animal Inspector and Representative of the American Donkey & Mule Society.

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