We love having people come visit us here at Lucky Three Ranch. The 127-acre ranch is home to twenty-three mules, such as draft mule, Roll; five horses; and three donkeys, including our latest additions, miniatures Spuds and Augie. The ranch also offers visitors a chance to see in person the beautiful life-size bronze sculptures of the Loveland Longears Sculpture Park.

We offer three different types of tours, which vary in length of time and depth of experience. If you have a particular area of equine interest, let us know when you make your reservations, and Meredith will address it in the tour.


  1. Abbreviated LTR Tour: a 2-hour tour including an introductory film, a visit with groups of mules and donkeys in turnout areas and a guided tour of sculpture dispersed throughout the ranch.
  2. LTR Mules and Sculpture Tour: a 3-hour tour including an introductory film, meeting the mules personally in their stalls and a guided tour of sculpture dispersed throughout the ranch.
  3. LTR Equine Training Educational Clinic Tour: a 3.5-hour tour with an educational training film, personal introduction to the mules, our newest mule skeleton/pathology display and a guided tour of sculpture throughout the ranch. Ten-person minimum.

Please be aware we are a working ranch. Tours must be booked at least two weeks in advance to reserve space. Contact us for pricing and groups. To find out more details about Lucky Three Ranch tours or to schedule your visit, please visit the request form page or fill out the contact form below. After you submit your tour request a representative from Lucky Three Ranch will contact you to confirm dates and times. If you do not receive a letter confirming your tour, please resubmit your request.

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