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Thank you! We did it!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: We did it! Thanks to your help, we were able to raise $55,000, blowing our $50,000 goal out of the water! With these donations, we’ll be able to continue fighting for wild horses -- out on the range and in the courts. We couldn’t do this crucial work without your support. Watch out for future emails from us with updates on the legal battles we’re fighting in Nevada, as well as rescue stories (the ones that make this all worth it).  I can’t thank you enough for helping us stand up for these innocent creatures. Together, we’re making the future of America’s wild horses and burros safe, secure, and beautiful. Suzanne Roy, Executive Director Donate ...
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Utah wild horses need your voice today

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: The BLM is seeking public comments for the roundup and removal of up to 149 “excess” horses - or 66% of the population - from inside and outside the Muddy Creek Herd Management Area (HMA) in Utah. The mustang's habitat is made up of 283,000 acres of land, but the BLM only allows between 75-125 horses to reside within itAccording to the BLM, removing the horses is necessary to prevent degradation to the range. But here's the kicker: they permit nearly five times that number for livestock on allotments that overlap with the HMA. Not only is this roundup ridiculous, but if Congress approves any of the BLM’s options in its recent report, the horses removed from this area are in danger of being killed, sold for slaughter, or sterilized. Instead of this plan that endangers these herds, the BLM should immediately implement a comprehensive PZP program in the HMA to vaccinate enough mares to significantly reduce population growth rates over time. Please take one moment to let the BLM know that the Muddy Creek wild horses need to remain wild and free on our public lands in Utah!   Thank you for caring about America's wild horses and burros, - The AWHC Team Donate ...
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Last day to donate!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: I’ll keep it quick -- it’s the final day of our fundraising campaign, and we’re $7,000 away from our $50,000 goal. Please chip in now to make our campaign a success! We’ve got a lot going on, and it’s only with your support that we’re able to continue to protect our wild horses -- in the field, in court, and in the halls of Congress. We have until midnight to raise $50,000 and make sure we can continue all our work. We’re close to our goal -- can you help us over the finish line? Thank you so much for your generosity, compassion and support! Suzanne Roy, Executive Director Donate ...
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We’ll see BLM in court

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Last month, the BLM rolled out a disastrous report to Congress on wild horse and burro management that pays lip service to humane solutions while continuing to push for mass roundups, slaughter and sterilization. Even before Congress acts, the BLM is implementing actions that will destroy numerous wild horse herds and place thousands of mustangs in jeopardy of being killed. We’re taking to the courts to stop them… and we need your help to keep our critical litigation going. Right now, we’re in federal court in... ➔ Wyoming, where we’re challenging the BLM’s attempt to round up even more wild horses than authorized from the Wyoming Checkerboard by pretending that foals don’t count in the overall removal totals. Help us win. ➔ Nevada, where we’re fighting a disastrous BLM plan to reduce the breeding population in two eastern Nevada regions by 90% and destroy these wild free-roaming herds by castrating stallions and using an unproven vaccine called GonaCon on mares. And we’re gearing up to sue to stop the BLM from zeroing out (eliminating all wild horses from) nearly one million acres of public land while allowing subsidized cattle grazing to continue in force. Help us win. ➔ Utah, where we’ve been fighting for four years to dismiss a rancher lawsuit seeking the removal of hundreds of wild horses from our public lands. We won at the lower court; now the ranchers have appealed, and we are defending Utah mustangs at the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. Help us win. ➔ California, where we’re defending the Devil’s Garden wild horses from a rancher lawsuit seeking removal of more than 2,000 mustangs from U.S. Forest Service lands. Help us win. Can you help us reach our $50,000 goal to keep these lawsuits going? We’ve already won important legal precedents through successful litigation. With your help, we’ll score more legal victories to protect our cherished wild horse and burro herds. Gratefully, Suzanne Roy, Executive Director Donate ...
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BLM’s plan to slaughter wild horses

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: The Bureau of Land Management just released its report to Congress on future management of wild horses and burros on public lands. The BLM’s answer: mass removals, slaughter and sterilization. We need your help to push back against the BLM. Donate now to help us counter this unparalleled attack on our wild horses and burros. The report reveals that the agency will push to change the law to secure “flexibility” to transfer and sell animals without limitation, meaning tens of thousands would be slaughtered. The plan calls for Congress to "remove prohibitions" currently placed into appropriations bills that forbid the agency from mass killing and slaughter of our mustangs.  The BLM is going against the recommendations of the National Academy of Sciences and more than 100 horse advocacy organizations, and the will of the American people. The agency wants to reduce wild populations to 1971 levels -- when Congress protected these animals because they were “fast disappearing.” Worse, the BLM wants to sterilize 80 percent of the wild herds... a move that is both dangerous and would take the wild out of wild horses by destroying their natural behaviors. We will not let this happen on our watch. The BLM plan was submitted to Congress less than 24 hours ago. Help us stand up to the BLM by chipping in to our campaign now. Thank you so much for your ongoing support, Suzanne Roy, Executive Director PS: Go here to read the full report and our response. Donate ...
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