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Let’s Deck the Stalls with Boughs of Plenty for 2018

2 Days Left, Mighty Mini Ones!
Every day throughout the year, our mini herd is here to put smiles on the faces of our volunteers and visitors.  Our little guys are some of the best ambassadors for AAE and horses alike.  Each has his or her own story of how they came to AAE.
Patches, the little princess, ha ha!  Patches is an older mini (20-something) that came to AAE from a dog rescue in Fall 2012.  She was on the thin side and a bit lonely.  We thought she’d be perfect for the kids around AAE.  Little did we know, kids weren’t her forte.  She tolerated them at best.  Patches idea of a job is eating.  Eating hay, eating grass, eating pellets, eating anything.  Really, eating everything.  If Patches isn’t eating, she isn’t happy, haha.  Patches is cutest when she trots down to the barn for her morning treat.  She bounces, she smiles, excitement exudes from the tips of her hair.  The trail back to the “farm”, on the other hand, is a slow, dreary trip.  Ho hum!  Really, Patches is adorable.  She’s a little sass, and a little sweet.  She’s the perfect Thelwell pony that needs a story written after her.

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