Another Augie and Spuds Adventure: Ground Drive Hourglass Pattern


WN-SA081214-01Treats“What do you suppose we’re doing today down here in the dressage arena…hmmmm?!”

WN-SA081214-02TackUp“Whatever it is, Spuds, I get to go first!!”

WN-SA081214-03AugieWalk“Hey, Spuds, this is really easy and lots of fun!”

WN-SA081214-04AugieReinBack“Look Spuds, I finally learned the rein back!”

WN-SA081214-05AugieTreats“And…I did it perfectly!”

WN-SA081214-06Waiting“Your turn now, Spuds!”

WN-SA081214-07SpudsWalk“Like you said, Augie, this is a breeze!”

WN-SA081214-08SpudsCones“Can we trot yet?”

WN-SA081214-09PairWalk“Now we get to do the hourglass pattern together, Spuds! Whoohoo! What fun!”

WN-SA081214-10PairCone“Don’t forget to stay in sync, Augie! One…two…three…four!”

WN-SA081214-11PairStop“And Whoa! Good job, Augie! Good job, Spuds!”



“It’s okay Augie! Just take it one small step at a time. She’ll wait for us!”

WN-SA081214-13TackOff“Not a bad lesson, Spuds!”


“Augie, don’t you know that we’re the BEST?!”


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